Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pong! 2 - Holiday Season

Oh heyyyyy!  As you may see from the title this is another collaboration with Cass of http://cass-parade.tumblr.com/ because she's freaking amazing!  The stunning centerpiece she's created inspired by fall vegetation and the colours of the season is an amazing palette for this look.  While I didn't take every colour from the display I used rich purples and bronze as well as a stunning fine smokey gold glitter to recreate the glow Cass achieves in her photos.  I love this display and I cannot believe the beauty of nature that Cass captures, this was an intimidating one my friend!  Ping Pong to the MAX!  For a list of products used and a quick explanation of how I achieved this Holiday look keep reading!

Here we go. 
(It appears in this photo that my foundation is too light.  I assure you it's just my lack of photographic ability and some shadowing I'm not entirely sure how to deal with... fail)

I wanted to create something that could be worn to a Holiday party, so I thought a haze of dark purple around the eye and a flash of unexpected glitter on the mobile lid only (the part of your eye that moves up and down you dummy... lol jk) would be appropriate. 
To start the look I applied a deep maroon purple pigment to the lid close to the eyelashes and pulled up and out from there in a winged shape towards the end of the eyebrow.  I used the pigment wet at first and then blended out with the dry product to achieve a soft gradient of colour.  Pigments blend out beautifully and I love using them for darker looks because of how different they can look depending on how much you blend or don't blend.  It can look like several different colours when you've only used one.  Lazy man's smokey eye haterz! 

I used a soft bronze/taupe colour to blend out the crease of the eye without creating a harsh "cut crease look" (in fact this look would work well on hooded eyes because it's more of a traditional style smokey eye that doesn't focus on dark shadowing in the crease of the eye).  I also applied this colour under the eye heavily to add shine.  I used a pale sparkling gold to the inner eye and tear duct to brighten the look.  I then applied a black pencil to the waterline and black mascara. 

I then used a glitter adhesive product to tap a finely milled deep gold glitter (not a yellow gold but rather a cool toned gold) to the center of the lid only.  I followed this up with a pair of what may possibly be the most natural looking lashes I have ever applied in my life.  BUT I actually really liked them!  They looked like my own lashes do when I'm having a particularly good lash day which was not the case today.  Go figure.   I polished my brows and added a medium coverage foundation mix, concealed heavily under the eye (important when doing heavy eye looks) and I added a warm toned contour as well as a warm rose coloured blush and a champagne coloured highlight to the cheekbones.  The lips were a soft brownish pink colour to play off the inspiration picture and topped with a nude lipgloss. 

With the holidays fast approaching (which I am more than okay with since I suffer from MAD post-Hallowe'en depression, I need Christmas music to keep me as a functioning member of society) I find myself drawn to more glamorous makeup and I must say that I felt pretty dang glamorous in my full face of makeup with glitter and lashes rocking my pjs and fuzzy boot slippers. 

With that I'm off to eat too many clementines and watch Christmas movies until I'm a holy jolly hot mess.  BYE.

Products used:
MAC prep and prime natural radiance primer
MAC face and body foundation C1 and MAC matchmaster foundation 1.0
MAC pro longwear concealer in NC15
Benefit erase paste - No. 1
MAC prep and prime transparent setting powder
MAC harmony blush
Essence silky touch blush -babydoll
MAC shaping powder in emphasize

MAC deep purple pigment
MAC fix + (to mix)
Urban Decay Smoked Palette : barlust, kinky(highlight)and blackout (to set waterline)
MAC eyeshadow in retrospeck
MAC feline eye kohl
L'Oreal voluminous original mascara
Ardell 110 lashes with Duo glue
Hard Candy glitter glue
MAC reflects antiqued gold glitter

MAC twig lipstick
MAC 2N lipglass

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