Monday, April 22, 2013

Sorry I'm not sorry...

So it's been determined that I'm not a frequent updater of this blog.  Here's my main issue: it's not that I don't frequently wear makeup or that I don't wear makeup that would warrant a blogpost but it's that in order to post on the blog I have to take several pictures of my own face.  Which can be PAINFULLY difficult at times as I feel many others would agree.  I've realized from these posts that I have a mega lazy eye as well as having super bloodshot red eyes all the time, I also can't smile naturally without looking completely psychotic and when I don't smile I look like a freaking JERK.  It's a hard situation.  I'm trying to get past it.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Born this way! Makeup for Lady Gaga concert going/ blizzard braving/ fabulous being

YOU READ THAT TITLE RIGHT.  At the beginning of the month my bestie Linzee and I braved some pretty shit weather all decked out to go see our favourite Mother Monster, LADY FRIGGIN GAGA (two shows before she announced the cancellation of the rest of the tour due to injury!) and it was EPIC.  I've done a quick recreation of the makeup I wore to the concert, minus the glitter (cause that's a pain in the bottom to remove) and maybe a wee bit less dramatic.  I did a quick pictorial? Picture tutorial? Ya? Maybe? of how I did the makeup.  Hope you enjoy!