Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall trend

Fall came quickly this year!  I've heard it's supposed to get warm again soon but I've yet to see it.  While the first day of fall has yet to arrive I've seen people left and right enjoying the layering and darker colour palette that cooler weather brings.  Personally I love it.  Not to mention Hallowe'en is quickly approaching and that makes me absolutely manic in planning decorations, makeup, costumes, the whole package.  This is by far my favourite time of year.  The haunting season.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The great mascara search Part 2 - High End brand

Ok so part two, craziness.  Originally I thought I'd wait to do the second part but I figured might as well keep the momentum going now that I've gotten the hang of it.  The product in this post will be those mascaras that would be found at Sephora, department store counters, etc.  Quite a few on this list came from a Sephora set of 10 (or something like this) trial sizes of different mascaras, but as far as I know the brush and product inside are identical to that it's full size counterpart.  So let's get this started!