Monday, April 22, 2013

Sorry I'm not sorry...

So it's been determined that I'm not a frequent updater of this blog.  Here's my main issue: it's not that I don't frequently wear makeup or that I don't wear makeup that would warrant a blogpost but it's that in order to post on the blog I have to take several pictures of my own face.  Which can be PAINFULLY difficult at times as I feel many others would agree.  I've realized from these posts that I have a mega lazy eye as well as having super bloodshot red eyes all the time, I also can't smile naturally without looking completely psychotic and when I don't smile I look like a freaking JERK.  It's a hard situation.  I'm trying to get past it.

Here's a quick eye look I did the other day just to keep things moving over here in the mean time.
It's not exactly "springtime" appropriate but I'll get to that as soon as possible.


I tried to remove some of the gross bloodshottedness (yup.  made that up) but my photo editing skills are less than fantastic.  Also I know there are eye drops that can be used to constrict the blood vessels in the eye to clear them but i don't know... I'd rather just leave my eyes alone.  They deal with enough on a regular basis that I don't need to be adding crazy constricting eye drops to them. 

Here's what I used

Makeup Geek Shadow - Bitten
Essence Brow Gel (mixed with basic red pigment by MAC)

Nars Pro Prime Primer
Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
                     - YDK (centre of lid), Blackout (inner and outer corner)
Urban Decay Basics Palette
                     - WOS (Highlight), Naked 2 (to blend)

L'Oreal Voluminous Waterproof
Quo lashes (can't remember the # and they've been sacrificed to the garbage gods by now)


GUH.  I know some of the colours got a bit dodgy but really I couldn't care less.  It's not going to look like this for long with use but for now I love it so much.  I have the colours listed above the palette on the picture so if you want to see what I carry for lips in my kit that's it!  SO HAPPY! 

quick note:  I did this by scraping the lipstick out of it's bullet and smushing it into the well of the palette and then i microwaved the whole lot to smooth them out somewhat.  Some of the more matte colours didn't want to smooth but like I said I'm not expecting this to look so nice for very long so it's not a huge deal.  Also this is a new MAC palette with the 24 well creams insert. 


ok bye bye. 


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