Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Colour Theory - Orange

Ok so not your basic colour theory, I'm not going to sit here with a colour wheel and try and teach you about complimentary colours and blah blah blah because I've learned it too many times and to be honest with you I'm bored with it.  HOWEVER... I'm hoping to do a bit of a series of posts that focus on one colour, showing you a wearable (in my eyes) and a more fashion focused or "unwearable" look.  OH and also... yes it's spelled COLOUR, I am Canadian... we like to throw in extra letters here and there.

So to start off this wee series I thought I'd give it a go with something seasonal... Orange.  Like a pumpkin. Or like leaves, or like fake tanner on people who just can't let go of their summer glow.

Now I know that when you think of orange looks you can often be intimidated and think NO I might look something like this:
hahahahaha! yes these are heroin addicts, yes I'm a bad person and am poking fun at a serious addiction.  NOT really though.  You get the point. 

But I am here to tell you that NO you do not have to look like you have an unfortunate drug addiction when you wear orange makeup.  Orange lips are on trend again this fall but the wearable look I'm going to feature here is not so much focused on that.  Its showing how to use orange on the eyes without emphasizing dark circles or redness.  

Complimenting the warm orange on the eyes; the cheeks are a peach colour with a tiny amount of shaping using a matte bronzer.  The lips are a soft coral/orange with a natural gloss on top to tie everything together and create a look that is wearable for daytime or nighttime depending on how much is too much for your own personal preference.  I'm giving you choices here people!

The eyes are a soft wash of a few different colours and textures.  The orange is subtle enough that it doesn't overwhelm the look but gives a warm glow from under the darker outer corner.  I chose to focus on one colour with a iridescent shimmer and keep all other tones matte as it creates more interest in the look.  Brown liner rather than black and I left out a liner on the waterline as sometimes these small additions can turn a daytime easy to wear look into something a bit much for most people.  I think it would even be wearable for the office!  I'd like to say that I wore looks like this when I worked at an office but I'd be a dirty liar... I didn't... I barely wore any makeup... since you know 7 am isn't a time that I care to see more than once a year.  AND that better be because I stayed up all night and happened to finally go to bed AFTER 7 am.  


My more "fashion" version of the orange inspired makeup will come at a later date... maybe tomorrow... but probably not as I have to tattoo in the evening.  BUT by the end of the week.  Hopefully.  hahahaha!  I'm not good with commitment.  

Here's a breakdown of everything I used above:

MAC face and body foundation - C1
Benefit Erase Paste - fair
MAC mineralized skin finish - light
Benefit Hoola bronzer
Cargo Blush - key largo
MAC beauty powder - play it proper 

Too Faced shadow insurance
MAC eyeshadows in: Motif, Orange (pro... I believe... don't quote me on it), Embark
Too faced eyeshadow in Heaven
Urban Decay Shadow in Naked and Virgin (from Naked Palette)
MAC fluidline in Dip Down
Make Up For Ever Smokey Lash Mascara

MAC lipstick in Ravishing 
Bath and body works lipgloss... some strawberry cake kinda smelling thing that is delicious...can't recall the name... but any nude coloured lipgloss would do the trick.  

Thanks so much for reading!  See you soon!

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