Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Colour Theory - Purple - Part 2

So yes... I have difficulties staying active on this blog.  I think we've determined this.  It's well represented by my tiny wee small followers count (which I entirely appreciate each one of you trust me) but I've come to determine that the best thing is to do this for myself... not to gain followers... I have no desire to be "internet famous" HECK I don't even like talking to strangers!  Because STRANGER DANGER.  OH and my laptop has been fixed for a reasonable price (woo!  take that karma... you bitch) so I thought ok... pulling my socks up... even though I rarely wear socks because let's be honest I rarely wear shoes. 

The second part of the Purple colour theory was hanging by a thread being that I had actually done a look before my macbook took a turn for the worse but when I got it back from the repair shop I spent hours staring at the pictures thinking... I have no clue what I used here (white lie... i spent like 2 minutes staring at them).  Not a single bit.  Which seems pointless... so I re did it... and to be honest I'm happier with what I came up with this time

Ok so the colouring of this photo is weird but I kind of love it.  It's very... hospital waiting room chic (hahahaha! Right?  Idiocy)

I went with a sort of panda eye style smokey look with the darkness being focused on the inner corner rather than the outer "v" of the eye.  Not a wearable day look by any means but it has it's place.  Using purple in dark smokey looks takes the edge of what could be a very gothic look if I had used black in its place.  Keeping the lips blanked out and the skin very fair as well as omitting false lashes stops this from going too Drag as well (not that drag is a bad thing... in fact it's an amazingly awesome thing just not what I was going for).

I kind of liked the mix of the super dark smokey eye with the braided milk maid sort of hair I had done today... for no reason other than my hair was disgusting and dirty.  Don't hate... haters.  
I actually went ahead and "lightened" my brows with a concealer pencil brushed through the hairs rather than filling them to make them darker like I usually do.  I didn't want anything to compete with the shape of the eye. 

I attempted to focus on Urban Decay products in this eye look.  So here's what I used and a quick note about the products used

MAC Studio Moisture Tint - Light
MAC Mineralized Skinfinish - Light
Benefit Erase Paste - Fair No. 1
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Benefit Dandelion Box of Powder
MAC Mineralized Skinfinish - Lightscapade

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On eye pencil - Ransom : while I love the black version and the brown version of this that I've tried I found the purple Ransom didn't apply amazingly.  Kind of splotchy and uneven... as well I've tried on several occasions to apply it to the waterline with no luck. 
Urban Decay Shadows in:
Psychedelic Sister
The first three shadows are in the UD <3 NYC palette... it's cute... over packaged but cute 
The last 2 are from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette which I love.  My only beef is the double ended brush... it's not great.  I would have much rather gotten the double ended eyeliners like they had in the first version of the Naked palette... so much better.  Also worth noting I did my eyes before my foundation since I've found UD shadows have a major fall out factor... and yes I'm patting it on and yes I use a base... trust me I have SOME idea of what I'm doing... they are just very soft shadows which allows for great payoff but also a bit of a shit show on your cheeks after you're done.
MAC Chromographic Eye Pencil - NC15/NW20 (on waterline and to blank out brows)
Kat Von D high frequency mascara (which I don't think is made anymore... shame... I'm a fan)
(ps holy crap that's a lot of shit on my eyes!  How do I not notice this when I'm doing it!?!? Snap)

Gosh Velvet Touch Lipstick - Darling (I'm not sure that Gosh is sold in the US, I believe it's sold in the UK and in Europe... it's at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada)

Thanks for reading!

I leave you with a cool picture of my camera... picture of a camera?  So indie it hurts.  


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