Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall trend

Fall came quickly this year!  I've heard it's supposed to get warm again soon but I've yet to see it.  While the first day of fall has yet to arrive I've seen people left and right enjoying the layering and darker colour palette that cooler weather brings.  Personally I love it.  Not to mention Hallowe'en is quickly approaching and that makes me absolutely manic in planning decorations, makeup, costumes, the whole package.  This is by far my favourite time of year.  The haunting season.

One of the trends I've seen in makeup is a nearly bare face and eye with a super dark dramatic lip.  Red, burgundy (Ron Burgundy... I'm in a glass case of emotions!!!!), purple, mauve, chocolate and even black colours have licked lips on runways and fashionistas all over the world.  This look is all about statement.  Confidence and a steady hand are important in the dark lip world...
There are several ways to wear the look and I have two examples... similar lip colours in both; one with several coats of mascara framing the eye and the other with a completely bare eye.
One looks polished and still trendy while the other screams fashion and takes some kinda balls to take to the street.
Heavily curled lashes with several coats of my favourite Make Up Forever Smoky Lash mascara with a defined brow provide balance to a dark maroon lip comprised of:
Mac Lipliner in Current
Mac lipstick in Cyber
Mac Mattene Lipstick in Bing (to darken)

The completely bare eye with a bit of Mac texture gloss thrown across the lid for shine and the unfinished brow make this look entirely focused on the lips.  To avoid looking too goth I went a little lighter in this lip colour:
Mac Lip liner in Current
Mac Lipstick in Tribalist (limited... try Rebel for an alternative)
Mac Lip liner in Naked to outline

Not sure which one of these looks is my favourite really... I love a dark lip it's so complete looking without much effort.  Just be sure to check your teeth before exiting the house!

Other lipsticks to check out with this trend (these are lipsticks I own and know create a great dark lip though I'm sure there are THOUSANDS of other lipsticks perfect for this look)

Mac Cyber
Mac Rebel
Mac Russian Red
Kat Von D Painted Love lipstick in Hellbent
Mac Viva Glam 1
Mac Mattene in Rapturous (Limited)
Mac Mattene in Bing (Limited)
Mac Black Knight (Limited)
Benefit Ms. Behavin' (for a sheerer version and yes this is the colour used in Twilight... guh.)

A matching lipliner to shape the lips and fill in the entire lip area creates an amazing base and ensures that your dark lip colour stays put through out the day... eating, drinking, making out (you hussy).

A small concealer brush and your foundation or concealer around the very outside of the lip to provide a crisp line completes the lip.  Or alternatively a nude coloured lip pencil that matches your skintone.  This final touch may seem tedious but it makes the lip pop and also prevents feathering.  

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